24 December 2013

a sign for you (Christmas Day sermon)

Passage: Luke 2:1-20

It calls us to see the world with eyes that can envision peace and justice on earth and good will among people - all people. I wonder where that child is today?

That child is incarnated in the life you and I seek to live - in the peace, hope and love that is Jesus Christ.

To those fearful shepherds, the angel promises a sign - a sign that the Saviour is born among humankind. And so they take notice of that sign.

They know no other option but to go to that place “which the Lord has made known” to them.

Christ is born. We celebrate that with joy this day. May you … may I … may each one of us be wonderful signposts to the reality of Christ … Emmanuel … God with us … God alive in this world … God’s world.


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