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This is a chronological list of many of the sermons preached at our three services. You can also browse by book of the Bible, or by church season. Most sermons follow the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary.

Thus Saith the Lord

April 6, 2014
To affirm the people of God who are open to the creative word of the Sovereign God.

I can see clearly now

March 30, 2014
To inspire a spirit- inspired sense of purposefulness that enables folk individually and communally to capture a renewed vision of the With-God life.
To highlight the role of human receptiveness of the miracle of faith so that those present identify their role in an active engagement / commitment.

Miraculous Faith

March 16, 2014
In the gospel today, Jesus explains the mystery of faith. By night, Nicodemus comes to Jesus with pressing questions. He wants to know the nuts and bolts of coming to…

The Last Word

March 8, 2014
Our theology is a theology of grace. Even as sinners, God loves us and although the line of thought has a certain complexity to it, in today’s epistle to the…

Moving Beyond Fear

March 1, 2014
“Fear is no basis for a relationship with anyone let alone with God.” I think that many of you will have heard me say that before. What’s more I am…

The Kingdom of God

February 1, 2014
Do you ever feel like a dinosaur? Well, that's the way the world often portrays Christians. We are continually being told that we are dinosaurs; that we belong to the…
Jesus calls out for people - people with open hands and walking feet toward a new heaven and a new Earth that is making its way here. People with ears…
It calls us to see the world with eyes that can envision peace and justice on earth and good will among people - all people. I wonder where that child…
In Matthew's pre-Christmas reading, Christ is not simply given two names. He's given two names that embody the promises that God makes with his people. A promise that says to…