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This is a chronological list of many of the sermons preached at our three services. You can also browse by book of the Bible, or by church season. Most sermons follow the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary.

To Gain the Whole World

30 August 2014
During his life on earth, Jesus was continually warning people of the danger to their souls. He had little to say concerning the dangers to the body, even though he…

Who Do Men Say That I Am?

23 August 2014
Jesus come to the end of his public ministry. From here on he will be going to Jerusalem and preparing the twelve to continue after he has gone. After almost…
To demonstrate that the peace making of Jesus aspires to the highest standards of God’s kingdom as a result being peacemakers sets us apart on a journey that will not…

Going Places

15 June 2014
To proclaim the Trinity as a dynamic, practical doctrine which nourishes the people of God who are “going places” as a missionary people.
To highlight the value of Christian unity as a witness that challenges a culture of disharmony and conflict.

Time to Party

25 May 2014
To encounter the joy of celebration in the Palm Sunday story and to link with liturgical feast days as a foundation for a renewed spirit of celebration in the Church.

Believe It or Not!

18 May 2014
To explore the nature of belief so that those present can claim an identity in the community of Christ which orients them to the work of Christ.

Not at all Sheepish

11 May 2014
To portray the abundant life as a confident and courageous life, rising beyond the challenges of the present moment and shaped within eternity.
To explain the concept of “reverent fear” in the light of a gospel of love and freedom.

Ripple on Resurrection

20 April 2014
To portray the resurrection of Jesus as an event of cosmic significance with a ripple effect that passes throughout human history.
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