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As part of its continuing mission, Oxley Uniting Church will be live-streaming its worship services for those unable to attend worship in person. DVDs of the services are also available for people who cannot access the videos online. Please contact us if you would like to receive a DVD.

Services are streamed live on YouTube from 10am on Sunday mornings, and also remain there for later viewing. Please visit our YouTube Channel to access the live stream. The video link will be available from about 9:45am on Sundays.

For other video resources, including bible studies and meditations, click here.

Worship Videos

Closed Captions are available on the videos, auto-generated by YouTube. Start the video, and then run you cursor (without clicking) across the window. A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen: click on the icon that looks like a page of text.

Video for 10 January 2021

Video Archive

Worship Service 25 October 2020

Worship Service 18 October 2020

Worship Service 11 October 2020

Worship Service 4 October 2020

Worship Service 27 September 2020

Worship Service 20 September 2020

Worship Service 13 September 2020

Worship Service 6 September 2020

Worship Service 30 August 2020

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